The secrets to make your laptop battery live longer

Can you picture what it was like to conduct business 30 years before owning a reliable laptop? It’s a thought. It only crosses your mind when you’re left with 30 minutes of battery life for an hours worth of work. It’s a nightmare. No one wants to find themselves in the low battery situation during […]

1 in 4 people struggle with password overload. Here’s the answer

Are you fed up with managing passwords like a circus performer? You’re not alone. A recent study suggests that about one in four individuals share the sentiment. It’s not the quantity of passwords that’s causing trouble; it’s also the security risks they bring. Lets be honest most people aren’t cybersecurity experts when it comes to […]

Cyber security training once a year isn’t working

We all understand the significance of keeping our team members informed about the cyber threats. With the increasing frequency of cyber attacks it’s crucial to stay proactive to safeguard your business against breaches. However the issue lies in the fact that relying on yearly cyber security training is no longer effective. While it has become […]

Copilot is bringing another productivity boost to Teams

If you’re someone whos all in for boosting your teams productivity to the max (who wouldn’t want that right?) then you’re going to be thrilled with what Microsoft Teams offering us with its latest upgrades for Copilot. Picture this. You’re dab in the middle of a Teams meeting brainstorming like there’s no tomorrow. Ideas are […]

Uh oh! You’re at greater risk of malware than ever before

Lets delve into a topic that may not be the most exciting but is definitely crucial; Malware incidents. Unfortunately the situation is quite dire. These frightening online threats are impacting medium sized enterprises (SMEs) more severely than ever before. This means it’s essential for you to understand how to safeguard your business. To begin with […]

Be more productive with these Microsoft Edge features

Boost your efficiency with these Microsoft Edge tools. Enhancing productivity is an ongoing goal for many business owners and managers. Whether its expediting tasks or enhancing communication every little bit helps. Therefore it’s essential to maximise the potential of the tools at your disposal. While you may view your internet browser as a gateway to […]

Is this the most dangerous phishing scam yet?

Imagine this scenario; You’re going through your routine checking your emails when suddenly you come across a message from a company you have faith in. You might think, “Alright! This should be safe to open.” But wait a moment… this email isn’t what it appears to be. It’s actually part of another scheme devised by […]