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Why You Should Switch to Perigon One

We're often contacted by businesses who are unhappy with their IT support provider. 

Some of them aren’t just unhappy, but literally grinding their teeth. The IT support provider they’d trusted to have their back couldn’t be seen for dust, just when they most needed strong IT support. 

Recent events have underscored the importance of reliable IT support; we’ve been working from home and trying to manage our businesses from afar. Many customers have found that their support has just vanished, because the provider can’t keep up with the unprecedented speed and volume of transition.

IT companies who had made promises of a smoother working network, better devices or more appropriate software just haven’t delivered, leaving businesses out on their own.

Does your current IT support provider give you everything you need? If not, it’s time to reconsider. So here are ten reasons why you can feel confident in swapping to Perigon One:

Can you see how hard your IT partner is working for you, with a concise, intelligible set of metrics for measuring your results? Perigon One monitors your savings, in both time and money. Take a look at our case studies to see some examples.

Are you always kept informed about how a problem is being resolved, and how long it’ll take? Do you always know when updates are scheduled? When we say something is going to happen, we are always 100% sure that it will. With Perigon One as your IT support partner, communication problems will be a thing of the past.

You need an IT support partner who’ll prioritise data protection, ensuring your systems are locked up tight so your data is secure. Perigon One will create a CyberSecurity roadmap to keep ahead of threats, as well as offering training to your employees so they know what to look out for.

Does your IT support provider shirk their responsibilities, or claim that your contract doesn’t cover what you need? At Perigon One, nothing is off limits. When you sign up with us, all of your technology is our responsibility.

Does your current provider take too long to acknowledge problems, inform you about updates or get back to you with answers? Perigon One guarantees that our resolution times are faster than any other IT company.

With an IT support partner, you need to know that they’re there to deal with IT problems – not to blame you, your staff, or a third party. You don’t want to be told that you need to contact a software company. At Perigon One, we won’t pass the buck.

Do you understand everything your IT partner is saying or doing, in simple terms and everyday language? At Perigon One we want you to understand what we’re doing every step of the way, so we send out a monthly report showing where our time has been spent. We break it down by service requests and proactive maintenance, and let you know what’s coming up next.

Your IT support partner should, of course, be taking responsibility for your systems. But a good partner will also teach you what you need to know – especially about data security, and the basics of how your systems actually work. Perigon One will help you learn the essentials, and we’ll keep you up to date at our Lunch and Learn events, through our monthly Technology Insider Publication and much more.

Sometimes, yes, you’ll need new hardware. But why not get the most out of your current equipment? At Perigon One we keep a careful eye on budgets and ROI, as well as following our environmental policy by upgrading and extending warranties where possible. When new hardware is essential, we’ll let you know – and we’ll provide you with a roadmap for investment.

In fact, our aim is to help you grow even faster. At Perigon One we have the expertise and the capability to deal with your IT requirements as you grow. And when we notice something that could make your systems more efficient, we’ll let you know.

A good IT support partner never passes the buck or the blame, and always fulfils their part of the bargain. At Perigon One we work with you and for you, actively seeking ways to enhance your network, your infrastructure and your data security for #customersuccess.

Make the switch to Perigon One today!

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