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Perigon One is proud to be a WALGA Preferred Supplier, what does this mean?

WALGA is the Western Australia Local Government Association. This is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation that supports and advocates for local government bodies across WA.

As one way to support its members, WALGA maintains a directory of preferred suppliers. Preferred suppliers are tender-exempt, which means that WALGA members can buy their services directly by requesting quotes rather than conducting a complex public tender process. WALGA is also the central point of reference for contract management. This is a great boon, saving time and expense and minimising red tape for everyone involved.

Suppliers are officially endorsed by WALGA and can use the prestigious Preferred Supplier logo. This is not just a professional honour – it’s also a real and recognised mark of quality.

What is required
of preferred suppliers?

How do you become a preferred supplier?

WALGA has a duty to look after its members, and it maintains a very high standard of quality. Effectively, preferred suppliers have been pre-approved by WALGA to work for local government bodies. This means that the threshold for joining the directory is very high.

Before applying, companies must first wait for WALGA to issue a tender for one of its Preferred Supplier Panels. These are issued on a regular basis, so waiting is the easy part! Once a tender is published, the company must submit a bid, which will be thoroughly assessed by WALGA. Those accepted as Preferred Suppliers have to undergo a review every two years to maintain their status.

At Perigon One, we are delighted to be chosen as a WALGA Preferred Supplier. We love working with public sector bodies, and we’re excited to keep developing and growing our client relationships.

If you want to know how our WALGA Preferred Supplier status can benefit you and your organisation