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You might hold the secret to data security in your finger

We all understand the significance of safeguarding our data whether its business information or simply personal details. In the past passwords were the go to method for maintaining confidentiality.

Do they suffice in todays world?

As per a study it appears that many individuals are sticking with passwords while only a small percentage are opting for biometric solutions such as fingerprints. What could be causing this hesitation? It seems like everyone is concerned about data privacy and security which’s completely understandable.

So what exactly are biometrics. Why should we view them as a more secure option than passwords?

Biometrics involve utilising your physical or behavioral characteristics – like your fingerprints, facial features or even an eye scan – to verify your identity. Unlike passwords that can be forgotten, stolen or hacked biometrics introduce a level of security.

While there are concerns about the misuse of biometric data rest assured that such instances are rare and require significant effort and expertise.

Biometrics remain a tool, in combating cyber threats.
Using biometrics for authentication is not more secure than passwords but also provides unmatched convenience. Of struggling to remember complex combinations of letters and numbers you can simply scan your fingerprint or face for quick access.

Not fully convinced about using biometrics? Consider an alternative; Passkeys.

These innovative authentication methods offer an approach to traditional passwords. Passkeys utilise codes for each individual making them difficult to phish (a tactic where someone tries to deceive you into revealing your login details).

By combining biometrics with passkeys you can significantly boost your businesss security without adding complexity for your staff (in fact many people find biometrics and passkeys easier to use).

While passwords have been reliable in the past it’s time to embrace safer authentication methods.

Require assistance, with implementing biometrics or passkeys? Feel free to reach out.