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Now Copilot’s going to make your team work better together

Have you heard about Team Copilot yet? It’s the addition to Microsoft array of AI tools and is expected to be released later this year.

Think of Team Copilot as an AI assistant aimed at enhancing collaboration within your team. While Microsoft 365 Copilot has served as an assistant for individual tasks such as composing emails or summarising missed meetings Team Copilot elevates this by focusing on group activities.

Team Copilot offers three ways to support your team;

  1. Meeting Coordinator
    During a Teams video call Team Copilot can take notes to all meeting participants for editing. It can also generate follow up tasks monitor time for each agenda item and aid in in person or hybrid meetings when integrated with Teams Rooms.
  2. Group Chat Helper
    Within Teams group text chats Copilot can condense discussions to highlight crucial details. It can also address queries from the group making it easier to stay focused and informed without sifting through chat histories.
  3. Project Organiser
    Team Copilot assists in project management by establishing tasks and objectives, within Microsoft Planner app.
    Team Copilot has the ability to delegate tasks to team members and even handle tasks independently such as creating a blog post. It ensures that team members are informed when their input is required.

Productivity goes beyond efforts; it also involves effective collaboration within a team. Team Copilot can significantly enhance productivity by assisting with tasks that require group participation.

It’s worth noting that while Team Copilot is extremely helpful it doesn’t replace the need for a facilitator in meetings. It won’t lead meetings. Ensure inclusivity but it will assist with creating agendas tracking time taking notes and sharing files.

Than being a strict enforcer or comment censor Team Copilot serves as a business insights assistant focused on aiding group interactions and meetings. The future holds possibilities!

Team Copilot will soon be accessible for Microsoft 365 customers with a Copilot subscription through an upcoming preview. While still evolving, its potential to revolutionise team productivity is immense.

Stay tuned for its launch. Consider how integrating it into your workflow could amplify your teams efficiency.

If you have any queries or need guidance on leveraging Copilot, for your business needs feel free to reach out.