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Why Upgrade to
Windows 11?

In 2015, Windows 10 arrived. There was an elegant new look, better cross-platform integration and plenty more options to customise your desktop. Windows 10 was such an improvement on its predecessor, Windows 8, that everyone thought it would reign supreme for many more years to come. (If you’re wondering what happened to Windows 9, well, Microsoft simply skipped it.)

Then, in June 2021, Microsoft announced that a new version of Windows was on its way. This was a big surprise for the tech community. But at Perigon One, we’re very excited about it, and we think you should be excited, too. Here are three major reasons to look forward to Windows 11. 

Better security

Security may not seem like the most thrilling topic, but it’s crucial – especially when you’re running a business. And, according to Microsoft, Windows 11 is its most secure operating system ever.

One big difference is the size and frequency of updates. We all know what it’s like to spend ages waiting for a laptop or PC to finish updating before starting work. With Windows 11, that will finally be a thing of the past. Updates will be 40% smaller, slashing downtime for you and your team. There will be just one major system update each year, as there is for macOS, rather than two. If you’re wondering where this leaves security updates and bug fixes, don’t worry. Small, manageable monthly updates will take care of these.

Improved functionality

Plenty of people have commented that Windows 11’s user interface (UI) looks similar to macOS. But it isn’t a matter of imitating Apple’s distinctive appearance. The Windows 11 UI is much more intuitive and user-friendly – it was designed to make functionality a priority.

Windows users will notice the difference compared to previous versions. New multitasking options, such as Snap Layouts, and better multi-display functionality are just two of the significant improvements in Windows 11.

Sleeker design

Looks aren’t everything, but they do matter… and Windows 11 is beautiful. Simple, clean and flexible, the new-look UI is a pleasure to navigate. With softer fonts, rounded corners and a stunning range of dynamic wallpapers, Microsoft’s Fluent Design principle is showcased to best effect.

If this all sounds good, Windows 11 might just be the upgrade you and your business need. But you can’t just switch with the press of a button, because the new operating system isn’t yet available for existing PC models. And if your computer was made over five years ago, then it’s unlikely to meet the minimum system requirements for installing Windows 11. One key security requirement of the new operating system is a TPM (Trusted Platform Model) 2.0 chip, and these are not usually found on Windows computers manufactured before 2016.

Intrigued by Windows 11, but not sure how to proceed? As your IT support partner, Perigon One is here for you. We can review your devices and provide all the help you need with the upgrade. Just get in touch!