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This new search feature in Edge is a revolution

Microsoft is again rolling out new features regularly keeping us on our toes. This time they are focusing on enhancing the search experience in the Edge browser to make it smarter and more efficient. If you’ve been hesitant about making the switch this update might just sway your decision.

One of Edges highlights as shared by Mikhail Parakhin, CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft is quite intriguing. Picture this scenario; when you’re looking for information for your business. Be it market insights or industry trends. You enter your search query and receive results from not just one but two search engines simultaneously.

So how does this innovative feature function?

Lets break it down. Suppose Bing is set as your search engine. Now when you initiate a search in addition to Bings results you will also get a glimpse of what Google (or another preferred search engine) has to offer. This dual perspective ensures that you have access to a spectrum of information without overlooking any valuable details.

Information holds value in the business realm. By having access, to search outcomes you increase your chances of discovering the most pertinent and diverse range of valuable information available.
No longer do you have to switch forth between browsers or tabs to compare search results – Edge now streamlines that process for you in a single view.

Some individuals have expressed concerns about visual clutter that may arise from merging results from two search engines. It’s a point and fortunately Microsoft is taking note. Parakhin alluded to the idea of being able to customise your search engine to enhance the overall experience. While the width of the sidebar is currently fixed there is an inclination towards exploring customisation options in the near future.

This functionality within Edge is quite appealing. It simplifies the searching task making research faster and more efficient. You get the benefits of both worlds without having to deal with managing windows.

Moreover it goes beyond convenience; it signifies a move towards smarter and more effective browsing, particularly beneficial for those, in the business sector. It showcases Microsofts dedication to enhancing user experience and remaining competitive in the realm of web browsers.

For existing fans of Edge this upgrade brings excitement. For others it presents a motive to contemplate switching over.

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