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The secrets to make your laptop battery live longer

Can you picture what it was like to conduct business 30 years before owning a reliable laptop?

It’s a thought. It only crosses your mind when you’re left with 30 minutes of battery life for an hours worth of work. It’s a nightmare.

No one wants to find themselves in the low battery situation during an important meeting or presentation. However with some knowledge you can prolong your laptop battery’s lifespan. Ensure it functions optimally for years ahead.

Understanding your battery is crucial. Most laptops nowadays use lithium ion batteries, which come with a number of charge cycles. Each cycle involves a discharge, from 0% to 100% gradually reducing the battery’s capacity.

The key rule? Try to avoid discharges whenever possible… That means not letting the battery completely run out.

Lets explore your laptops power settings to personalise your battery preferences. Hibernation mode is beneficial – it activates before your battery reaches its point. Also remember to enable Battery Saver mode, which helps conserve power when the battery is almost drained.

Now it’s time to tidy up and declutter.
Make sure to close any background applications and turn off Wi Fi and Bluetooth when you’re not using them to save power. Also adjust your screen brightness to a level for energy conservation.

As for charging etiquette it’s actually fine to keep your laptop plugged in without causing harm to the battery – modern devices are pretty smart. Just avoid exposing your device to temperatures and try not to let the battery level drop below 20% if possible.

When storing your laptop for a period aim to have it charged at, around 50%.. If you ever need guidance consider using battery apps that provide real time updates on your battery’s condition.

Don’t forget to stay updated with software patches and upgrades as they can enhance performance and reduce energy usage giving your battery a lifespan.

We specialise in helping businesses maximise the longevity of their devices. If you’d like us to assist you well feel free to reach out.