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Is Your IT Equipment A
Problem for Job Candidates?

A recent study showed that a third of job candidates will be more likely to accept an offer if it comes with an Apple work device. While it’s true that Apple is increasingly popular, Microsoft users have no cause for alarm. A healthy work culture, appropriate remuneration and interesting tasks are much more important in the final analysis.

A recent study by Kandji found that one-third of employees are more likely to take up a job offer if they will be given an Apple device to use for work. Whether it’s an iPhone, a MacBook, an iPad or an iMac, these devices clearly have serious pulling power for a potential new hire. 

And when it comes to younger people, the number is even higher. Nearly half of Generation Z candidates would seriously favour an employer who provided them with an Apple work device. 

Time for a change?

If your team already uses Apple devices, this is excellent news! But for the many workplaces that rely on Microsoft, it might seem discouraging. Particularly as Australia’s job market is especially favourable to employees right now. Skilled candidates have plenty of choices, so it’s easy to feel as if you should do everything you can to attract the best. Even if that means embracing a whole new operating system.

Of course, if you were already planning to switch to Apple, now is a great time to make that change. But perhaps you’re comfortable using Microsoft – as many of us are. Your office is already equipped, your team is fully trained, and Microsoft 365 is an integral part of your daily routine. You’re more than happy with the benefits it brings. Is it really worth the inconvenience, expense and downtime of changing your entire IT infrastructure just to be more attractive to job candidates?

Play to your strengths

If you’re happy with Microsoft and it meets your team’s needs, then our advice would be to stick with it. And why wouldn’t you? It has so many amazing tools and features – enough to win over even a diehard Apple user.

What you can offer to your candidates is an insight into your business’s culture and ethics. While people often do have a preferred operating system, what many job seekers really want is a workplace where they get to do stimulating tasks, feel appreciated, and have the appropriate pay and benefits. An effective, productivity-friendly IT system – like Microsoft 365 – really helps to mitigate stress levels and maintain a healthy work-life balance. And it makes for smoother onboarding, too.

If you’re still worrying about the stats, keep them in perspective. While it’s true that quite a few people have a preference for Apple devices, the majority of workplaces still use Microsoft. So it’s unlikely to be a dealbreaker for many applicants, unless they are prepared to turn down a lot of jobs. If you can offer a positive workplace culture and interesting work, then the choice of devices becomes a lot less important.

As your IT support partner, Perigon One can help you get the absolute best from Microsoft 365, creating an attractive and rewarding environment for your whole team. If you have any questions or would like to explore what we can do for you, just get in touch to book your free 15-minute consult!