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Is this the most dangerous phishing scam yet?

Imagine this scenario; You’re going through your routine checking your emails when suddenly you come across a message from a company you have faith in.

You might think, “Alright! This should be safe to open.” But wait a moment… this email isn’t what it appears to be.

It’s actually part of another scheme devised by cybercriminals to deceive you into clicking on links or divulging sensitive information. It goes by the name “SubdoMailing,”. It poses a serious threat.

What’s the catch?

Similar to phishing tactics cybercriminals masquerade as reputable brands.

However here’s the modus operandi; These cybercriminals meticulously search the internet for subdomains of known companies. You know those segments in a website address that precede the main domain? For example consider The ‘experience’ part is the subdomain.

They identify a subdomain that still directs to an external domain that is no longer registered.

Next they purchase that domain. Establish a fraudulent website.

So, when you think you’re clicking on… Little do you know it redirects automatically to

These criminals are sending out around five million emails each day targeting individuals, in businesses to yours.
Because these emails appear to be from a legitimate source they often bypass standard security checks and end up in your inbox.

Here’s some advice to help protect you and your data;

  • Stay cautious of any emails that seem suspicious. If something seems off it probably is.
  • Before clicking on links or downloading attachments make sure to verify the sender. Watch out for signs like spelling errors or unusual email addresses.
  • Ensure that your employees are aware of the phishing techniques and can identify potential scams. Knowledge in this area can significantly enhance your company’s security.
  • Consider investing in high quality security software to ward off cybercriminals. While it may seem like a cost trust us it’s a worthwhile investment.

If you ever need assistance, with email security or any other related matter feel free to reach out.