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Introducing Our New Name: Perigon One

Wondering why we’ve been looking a little different lately? Well, we’ve had a bit of a makeover! One Technology is now Perigon One: your trusted support partner for your IT infrastructure.

Why change?

As One Technology, we began working with clients way back in 2001, helping local businesses to improve their processes to drive more effective, more efficient, more productive ways of working. And, as you can probably imagine, the landscape looked a lot different then than it does today. 

As organisational challenges have evolved, and as technologies have advanced, the One Technology of the post-pandemic world is almost unrecognisable from the company we started out with. We’re supporting businesses to navigate a huge range of new situations and scenarios. We’re embracing solutions we never thought possible. And we’re developing tailored plans that deliver even more value to organisations all across the world. We’re not the same as we were all those years ago. 

We wanted our brand to reflect who we are now, and where we’re going. Not where we’ve been. 

And that’s exactly what we’re achieving through Perigon One. 

Welcome to Perigon One

Perigon One is our new name, perfectly representing our core values and our vision for the future. 

Perigon is a Latin word, meaning a 360-degree angle. This is symbolised by a round shape, like a 0. ‘One’ reflects our desire to work together as one with our clients, generating innovative new solutions that leverage the power of technology to deliver better outcomes for everyone. Put these two concepts together, and we’ve got a ‘0’ and a ‘1’. These are the numbers making up the binary system, which is the underlying foundation of information technology as we know it today. 

You might already have noticed a ‘0’ and ‘1’ cleverly hidden in our new brand logo. Turned on their side, these two numbers next to each other look a little like a head and shoulders. This communicates our most important business focus for the future: you – our loyal customers. 

One Technology was always about connecting people and technology. And by taking a customer-centric approach, this is something we’re keen to continue doing as Perigon One. 

What this means for our customers

As a One Technology customer, you won’t notice any disruption to your service as we continue on our journey as Perigon One. We remain as committed as ever to helping organisations reduce inefficiencies and develop stronger, more robust business processes through technology. That commitment isn’t going anywhere. We’ll be offering the same managed IT services, IT project services, and ad hoc IT support as needed, supporting you to achieve your business goals. 

We look different – but we’re excited to be able to continue serving our customers as Perigon One.

Got questions?

If you’d like to know more about our rebrand, or want to work with us to identify innovative new ways to solve your most frustrating business challenges through tech, get in touch with us today!