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How Microsoft Applications Can Be Used to Improve Productivity in Your Business – Part 2

In Part 1 of our guide, we explored some Microsoft 365 apps that you might not be using, but which could play a big role in boosting productivity. Here in Part 2, we want to share 5 more powerful solutions that can provide your workforce with the tools they need to achieve their very best. 

Microsoft Forms 

‘Garbage in, garbage out’. It’s a saying which means that the insights businesses are able to generate are only as good as the data they collect. So in order to make better, smarter decisions that boost productivity, businesses must be collecting high-quality data. Microsoft Forms is one of the best ways to do this. 

The app enables organisations to create their own customised forms, such as client intake forms. This helps to ensure they’re collecting the data they need to edge them closer towards their goals. 


OneNote is Microsoft’s ‘digital notebook’, and it’s one of the most versatile apps within the 365 suite. No matter what employees need to do to boost their productivity – jot down notes, highlight important information, organise thoughts, or ask others for input – they can do it with OneNote. 

The tool even allows users to add hand-written annotations or voice recordings to ensure notes can be understood. Ultimately, OneNote is a personal notebook that’s always available, no matter where users are. 


For businesses that create visual materials – including posters, brochures, emails, and marketing materials – workplace productivity can be enhanced with help from Publisher. 

Publisher is Microsoft’s design tool, making it quick and easy to lay out images and text in attractive and engaging ways. Everything organisations need to present and communicate visual messages is included in the app. Finished designs can be shared in a number of different ways, including print, digital, and email. 


When productivity relies on employees having easy access to information – and easy ways to understand it – PowerPoint can help. PowerPoint makes it easy to create and share presentations and slideshows that can display information and help employees visualise data and concepts. 

Along with a variety of pre-built templates, PowerPoint also comes complete with its own content library. This enables users to import images, 3D renderings, and animations to bring presentations to life. 


When there’s a particular obstacle standing in the way of optimal levels of productivity in the workplace, Access can be a hugely valuable tool. 

Access allows businesses to build and develop their own PC apps specifically designed to solve problems and streamline workflow. The app is intended to be easy and intuitive to use, so that solutions can be created without the need for any specialist engineering skills. Any business can use Access to create exactly what they need to work better. 

Embrace the best in tech

Microsoft is a leader in productivity innovation. Yet many businesses are using just one or two tools that they’re already familiar with. It’s time to branch out, explore what’s available, and embrace new solutions that could help you thrive. As your trusted IT partner, we’re here to help you identify the right tools to support your operations. And in Part 3, we’ll be looking at 5 more valuable apps.