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How Microsoft Applications Can Be Used to Improve Productivity in Your Business – Part 1

Like many businesses, you’re probably already using a few applications from the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. What many people don’t realise, however, is that there’s much more to the suite than meets the eye. In fact, Microsoft 365 is home to more than 30 different tools. Each of these has been developed specifically to help organisations streamline their processes and maximise productivity. 

In Part 1 of our guide, we’re exploring 5 Microsoft solutions that can help you work smarter. From SharePoint to Skype, and everything in between, here’s a closer look at Microsoft’s top tools:


Running a productive business means giving employees all the information they need to carry out their tasks efficiently, effectively, and with confidence. And SharePoint helps businesses do just that. 

Microsoft’s ‘intelligent intranet’ app makes it easy to share documents with employees – from company news and workplace processes to project data and client files. Whether they’re working in the office, or remotely from home, SharePoint is the ultimate data resource for the workforce. 

Microsoft Teams

With remote and hybrid working becoming the norm, Microsoft Teams is helping to ensure employees remain productive, no matter where they are. 

Teams is Microsoft 365’s communication and collaboration app, allowing employees to use text chat, voice calls, or video conferencing to brainstorm, share ideas, give feedback, and learn. The tool fully supports document sharing, and any shared files – including from other Microsoft apps like Whiteboard – are always available. 


To be productive, employees need to be confident. They need confidence that they’re working in the most effective ways. They need confidence that they’ve got the skills to complete tasks in the best way possible. And for many, this means the need for regular training, participation in industry events, and access to a supportive community. 

Yammer is Microsoft’s events hosting service, where businesses can host – or attend – live and on-demand events for up to 20,000 people. 


Once a basic word processor, Word has grown to become a hugely valuable productivity tool for today’s growing businesses. An all-in-one system for document creation, management, and sharing, Word makes it easy for organisations to design and deliver documents that are critical to success. 

With Word, businesses can create documents from scratch – or use one of the app’s pre-built templates – view recommendations, translate text, and invite others to edit or contribute. 


Skype is a communication and collaboration tool that enables employees to chat, call, or video conference with each other. It boosts productivity by facilitating face-to-face meetings, even if teams are working from different locations. 

A highlight of Skype is that, unlike some other collaboration tools in the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, a Microsoft account is not required to use the tool. This means it’s possible to invite external participants – such as clients – who can use the app with ease. 

Work smarter, not harder

With help from these 5 top productivity tools, businesses can optimise processes to achieve more, without increasing workloads. At Perigon One, we’re committed to supporting organisations as they derive the most from their tech – and we’ve got 5 more great tools coming up in Part 2!