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Cyber security training once a year isn’t working

We all understand the significance of keeping our team members informed about the cyber threats. With the increasing frequency of cyber attacks it’s crucial to stay proactive to safeguard your business against breaches.

However the issue lies in the fact that relying on yearly cyber security training is no longer effective.

While it has become a practice, for many organisations and is commendable that it takes place security leaders will attest to the fact that employees often find it tedious and uninteresting. Whether they are quickly clicking through slides or speeding through videos its generally viewed as another task to complete.

Lets face it for those who actively participate in the training there is scarce evidence that it results in actual behavioral changes.

This is mainly because the conventional method lacks engagement and fails to resonate with employees on a level. It tends to focus on fulfilling requirements rather than fostering a culture of cyber security awareness.

But here’s the good news – there exists an effective approach. It involves implementing frequent interventions centered around human interaction. Consider it similar to speed limit signs you encounter while driving.
They advise individuals to pause and consider their actions before engaging in behaviors. Similar to how road signs function for driving this type of instruction increases your staffs awareness of what they’re clicking on.

By guiding staff towards choices in real time we can assist them in forming better cyber hygiene practices without bombarding them with excessive information. The goal is to empower them to make decisions on a daily basis.

Given the prevalence of Generative AI and tools currently available it is crucial to provide employees with the necessary guidance to navigate potential threats. Whether through guidance or policy notifications we can help employees comprehend the significance of protecting confidential data.

While traditional annual training may have its place it is now time to consider adopting a proactive approach to cybersecurity education.

This is an area where we can offer our assistance. If you would like details feel free to reach out.