Cyber attacks: Stronger, faster and more sophisticated

A recent security report has brought to light some concerning developments. To start cyber assaults are now happening at a pace than ever before. The time it takes for a criminal to navigate your network after gaining access, known as breakout times has notably decreased. We’re looking at an average of 62 minutes compared to […]

And the award for most common phishing scam goes to…

When it comes to safeguarding your business data one thing is for being vigilant about phishing emails is crucial. Lets start by understanding what a phishing email actually is. Imagine it as a disguise pretending to be a message in order to trick unsuspecting recipients. These emails often contain links, attachments or requests for sensitive […]

Which ransomware payment option is best? (Hint: none)

Imagine this scenario; Your company experiences an attack and your crucial data is held hostage by cybercriminals who demand a significant ransom. Paying the amount is not an option for you. However here’s a surprising twist – similar to the “buy pay later” concept certain ransomware groups are providing victims with options to extend their […]

Think your business is safe, from cyberattacks? Think again.

You may believe that only large companies or those with assets are targeted by cybercriminals. All that’s where the real money is, right? But think again. Recent reports have revealed that cybercriminals are expanding their scope and targeting businesses of all sizes from shops to global enterprises.. They’re doing it using a tool called “botnets.” […]

Are you ready for next-gen email security? (YES!)

Google has introduced a tool called RETVec to enhance the security and cleanliness of your Gmail inbox by combating spam effectively. So what is RETVec? Lets simplify it. RETVec stands for Resilient and Efficient Text Vectorizer, which essentially helps Gmail identify and filter out spam emails that attempt to infiltrate your inbox. It’s interesting to […]

Combating the Digital Menace of Computer Worms: A Guide for Businesses

Combating the Digital Menace of Computer Worms: A Guide for Businesses In the digital garden of your business’s network, worms are the last guests you’d want. Unlike their soil-dwelling namesakes, computer worms are a nuisance, creating chaos in the otherwise healthy digital environment of your enterprise. Let’s explore these pesky digital worms and how you […]

Securing Your Cloud, Part 5: The Critical Importance of Timely Updates

Are you one of those who keeps hitting ‘remind me later’ on software updates? You’re not alone. Yet, staying on top of these updates is a crucial step in securing your cloud environment. Whether you’re just starting your cloud journey or already reaping the benefits of a robust cloud system, overlooking security is not an […]

Types of Malware: Viruses

Often, the word ‘virus’ is thrown around to label any kind of malicious software on a computer. However, a virus is in fact a distinct type of malware with its own unique dangers to your network. You might have frequently heard someone lament about their computer being infected with a virus. But what exactly does […]

Securing Your Cloud, Part 4: Manage Your User Accounts

Confidential financial details of your organisation shouldn’t be accessible to just anyone. Yet it’s surprising how many businesses are lax in controlling access to their crucial cloud data. User management isn’t a novel concept, but in our cloud-centric era, its significance has magnified. Proper user management can act as a safeguard for your company against […]

Securing Your Cloud. Part 3: Deploying CSPM Monitoring

Cloud security is about combining techniques to build a well-rounded, comprehensive strategy. Here, we’re taking a look at one of the strongest components of any cloud security solution: CSPM.  When moving to the cloud, digital security has got to be a top priority. Your data is no longer tucked away in your on-premises server where […]