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Cyber attacks: Stronger, faster and more sophisticated

A recent security report has brought to light some concerning developments.

To start cyber assaults are now happening at a pace than ever before. The time it takes for a criminal to navigate your network after gaining access, known as breakout times has notably decreased. We’re looking at an average of 62 minutes compared to 84 minutes last year.

This is news.

Not are these attacks swifter but they are also on the rise in frequency. The report has identified a 34 new cyber criminal groups bringing the total to over 230 groups monitored by the company.

You know what? These cyber criminals aren’t idly sitting by. They are becoming more intelligent and sophisticated. The report highlights a new record time of just two minutes and seven seconds. That’s enough time for a quick coffee break let alone enough time to mount a defense.

Here’s the real shocker; The human element is increasingly being exploited as the entry point for these cyber incursions.

They will attempt to entice your employees into clicking on a link, in a phishing email, which then redirects them to a login page. Once your staff member inputs their login credentials they have unwittingly handed them over.

They may masquerade as someone trusted by your team.
This is what we call engineering.

So how can you safeguard your business against these risks?

Educate your team
Ensure that your staff is informed about the latest cyber threats and how to recognise them. Conducting training sessions can greatly reduce the chances of costly errors.

Enforce robust password guidelines
Promote the use of randomly generated passwords managed by password managers. Implement factor authentication for an extra layer of protection (where you verify your identity using a second device).

Keep your systems up to date
Verify that all software and systems are current with the recent security updates. Cyber criminals frequently exploit known weaknesses so staying updated is crucial.

Invest in cybersecurity tools
Consider investing in cybersecurity software capable of identifying and addressing threats in real time (we’re here to assist with this).

Backup your information
up your data regularly and store it securely. In case of a cyber attack having backups can help lessen downtime and data loss.

In matters of cybersecurity it’s always better to err on the side of caution. If we can assist you in being more prepared please reach out.