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And the award for most common phishing scam goes to…

When it comes to safeguarding your business data one thing is for being vigilant about phishing emails is crucial.

Lets start by understanding what a phishing email actually is. Imagine it as a disguise pretending to be a message in order to trick unsuspecting recipients. These emails often contain links, attachments or requests for sensitive information all masked as coming from a familiar and trusted source.

As they say knowledge is key. Keeping yourself informed is one of the ways to stay protected. Lets take a look at the phishing emails from last year.

Phishing themes can be broadly categorised into three groups; Major, moderate and minor.

Major Themes

The segment comprises finance related phishing emails accounting for a significant 54% of attacks. These emails typically feature invoices or payment demands with the aim of coaxing recipients into revealing financial details.

Closely following are notification based phishing emails at 35% of attacks. These messages capitalise on urgency by claiming that your password is, on the verge of expiring or that immediate action must be taken.

Key Points

The focus here is on document and voicemail scams, which make up 38% and 25% of attacks respectively. These tactics involve files or messages aimed at tricking you into compromising your security.

Lesser Concerns

Although common minor phishing themes still present a risk to those who may not be aware of what to watch out for. These include emails related to benefits, taxes, job applications and property.

Why Should You Worry about Phishing Emails? Falling prey to these scams can lead to consequences such as financial losses, data breaches and harm to your company’s reputation. It’s crucial to educate your staff on the risks of phishing and implement cybersecurity measures to safeguard your business.

Being alert and informed is vital in defending against phishing attacks. By keeping of developments training your employees well and implementing robust security measures you can protect your companys valuable assets from cyber threats.

We specialise in helping businesses like yours stay secure. If you’re unsure, about being protected… Feel free to reach out.