Ad-hoc IT Services

We’ll be there when you need us

However carefully you plan, there’ll always be some unexpected IT problem that can impact your business operations. When that happens,
Perigon One’s ad hoc IT support will get you out of trouble.


1. Onsite Support:

Our highly skilled expert technicians come to you, calling at your office or worksite. For call-outs anywhere in the Perth metro area, please contact
1300 669 220.

2. IT Service Centre:

Our main office and service centre is conveniently located at Perth Airport. We can handle most ad hoc hardware repairs, computer upgrades and IT support issues.

3. Remote Support:

Remote desktop, over the phone or video conference. We offer remote IT support during business hours. Our team of IT experts are ready and eager to assist you.

You might not feel you’re ready for a fixed cost Managed IT Services plan, and that’s OK. Now and then, though, you may still need professional help if you run into problems. This is when you’ll want to call in a top-quality, reliable IT company who can help you straight away: Perigon One will answer your call.

Whenever you consult Perigon One, we’ll respond with an estimate of the time we’ll need to resolve the issue and what it will cost, so you know what you’re facing.

We can offer you support with your desktops, network and servers, resolving problems and sorting out maintenance issues. We can also carry out checks on security and system health, and help you clean up after a cyber attack.

What our Ad-Hoc IT Services cover:

• Internet Access and Email Issues
• Server Outages and Failure
• Server or Network Performance Issues
• Backup Problems
• Cyber Attacks
• Active Directory Issues
• Desktop Application and Hardware Issues
• Microsoft Recovery and Exchange Issues
• New Equipment Installation and Setup

Any Device, Anywhere

Want to get started with your Ad hoc services!


Keeping your business
running. Always

IT & Cyber Security

We help you tackle cybersecurity threats, provide security products and train your staff in cybercrime awareness.

Cloud & Hybrid Cloud

We help you deal with system security issues when migrating data to the cloud and working with cloud-based applications.

Software Licensing

We can retrieve and renew licenses that may unintentionally have expired.

Business Continuity

We ensure your business continuity even when you're in a crisis.

IT Products

We'll supply or replace enterprise-class products, at competitive prices from the best vendors. We can help you select the most appropriate security packages, software, hardware, networking, and end-user computing products.

WAN, VPN & Mobility

We can design and implement solutions to protect your business from wherever you're working, whether it's in the office, at home or on the road.

Moving, Sharing & Migrating Data

We help you identify and fix vulnerabilities in your data migration processes.

Servers, Storage & Backup

We help you deal with data breaches in your storage systems and work on recovery if you suffer sudden system failures.