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Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Tech

Struggling to see the results you’d been hoping for from your tech investments? You’re not alone. As it turns out, digital transformation isn’t working for everyone. And it all comes down to the wrong tech. 

Australian businesses are investing more and more in technology. Software spending across the nation is on the rise, and it’s looking set to continue for quite some time. In fact, throughout 2023, over half of Australian business leaders say they plan to spend between 10% and 20% more on technology than they did last year. And nearly 15% are planning to increase budgets by over 20%.

Digital transformation is undoubtedly the key to business growth and development. Particularly right now, with the global health crisis having rapidly accelerated this ongoing shift to digital operations. 

However, it’s not all going to plan. 

Did you know that, despite new investments, 91% of employees still suffer tech frustration? Or that 74% of businesses are more worried about security breaches as they implement more tech? It’s also been found that 57% of employees feel their business software hinders productivity. 44% feel they’re spending more time than ever before dealing with technology issues and problems. 

Overall, reports suggest that just one in three Australian businesses are succeeding at digital transformation. 

Why? Because they’re investing in the wrong technologies. 

Telltale signs of the wrong tech

So, are you wasting money on the wrong tech? Here are some signs that you could be…

  • Your software and systems seem slow and laggy; something that’s affecting 51% of businesses
  • Your IT team is overwhelmed, resulting in longer response times: 34% of businesses
  • Different software systems are creating siloed departments: 30% of businesses
  • The software is missing important features/capabilities: 28% of businesses
  • The technology doesn’t help automate any time-consuming tasks: 25% of businesses

Does anything here sound familiar? Then you might be on the wrong digital transformation track. 

How to choose the right technology

Investing in and implementing the right tech may be much simpler than it sounds. Of course, every business will have different needs, and there’s no definitive right or wrong. But ultimately, the best tech isn’t the systems and software you think your employees need to use. It’s the systems and software they want to use; it’s the technology that gets your people excited about going to work. 

Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t asking ‘What do you want?’ And that’s where we’re making mistakes. 

According to reports, nearly three-quarters of Australian workers don’t believe that their preferences and requirements are being taken into account by their employer when investing in new software. 

This is a problem. There needs to be a connection between people and technology. 

Imagine for a moment a piece of software that was, from a technical perspective, absolutely perfect. But if your employees don’t want to use it – for whatever reason – they won’t. This renders the software absolutely useless. It can be the most amazing software on the planet, but if no one’s willing to use it, it’s not going to bring any benefits to your business. It’s just money down the drain. 

Don’t let that happen to you. 

At Perigon One, our mission is to help Australian businesses maximise their return on investment by selecting the right technology. That’s technology that supports employees, facilitates greater productivity, offers a great user experience, and delivers exactly the sort of results you’d been hoping for. Not sure what the right tech looks like for you? We can help. Get in touch with us to chat and find out more.