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Securing Your Cloud, Part 5: The Critical Importance of Timely Updates

Are you one of those who keeps hitting ‘remind me later’ on software updates? You’re not alone. Yet, staying on top of these updates is a crucial step in securing your cloud environment.

Whether you’re just starting your cloud journey or already reaping the benefits of a robust cloud system, overlooking security is not an option. Fortunately, there are several effective measures to bolster your cloud’s security.

We’ve previously discussed the advantages of multi-factor authentication, encryption, and diligent user account management. Now, let’s focus on another straightforward but often neglected aspect: installing software updates.

The overlooked necessity of updating cloud software

It’s a simple task, yet it’s frequently overlooked, leaving businesses vulnerable to cyber threats. Generally, there are two main reasons why cloud environments go without updates:

Lack of awareness

Often, businesses don’t realize that cloud applications, like any other software, need regular updates to stay efficient and secure.

Time constraints

The process of downloading and installing updates can be time-consuming and is often postponed for more immediate tasks.

The risks of delaying updates might seem minor until you consider the implications. Ignoring an update could leave your network open to cybercriminals who exploit these vulnerabilities.

Why updating your cloud is crucial

The increase in cyber incidents exploiting known vulnerabilities is alarming. The previous year saw a 33% rise in such incidents. Developers usually release updates swiftly to patch these vulnerabilities. Neglecting these updates gives cybercriminals a gateway to your network, where they can unleash all sorts of havoc, from installing malware to stealing sensitive data.

The broader benefits of timely updates

Beyond security, timely updates often include enhancements to functionality and performance. Staying updated ensures you’re getting the most out of your applications. Also, remember that many vendors only support the latest versions of their software, so using an outdated version might leave you without necessary support.

Safeguarding your cloud

Something as basic as applying an update can significantly impact your cloud security. Regularly checking for updates, or setting up automatic updates, is a good practice. If keeping track of updates seems daunting, consider leveraging a managed IT service to handle these critical tasks.

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