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Securing Your Cloud, Part 4: Manage Your User Accounts

Confidential financial details of your organisation shouldn’t be accessible to just anyone. Yet it’s surprising how many businesses are lax in controlling access to their crucial cloud data.

User management isn’t a novel concept, but in our cloud-centric era, its significance has magnified. Proper user management can act as a safeguard for your company against security breaches. Let’s explore the fundamentals of user management and its importance…

Understanding user management

User management entails designated IT professionals within an organisation controlling access to various IT resources. Administrators with full privileges have the authority to assign, modify, or revoke user access. In the context of cloud security, this control is crucial, making user management a key aspect of cloud security.

The necessity of user management for cloud security

Effective user management is vital for securing cloud data for two main reasons:

Firstly, the wider the access to sensitive data, the higher the risk of data breaches, be they accidental or deliberate. If user accounts have extensive access, it becomes easier for external threats to infiltrate and access confidential data through network vulnerabilities.

Secondly, poor user management might result in inactive accounts retaining access, which poses a security threat. These risks could arise from the actions of disgruntled former employees or compromised credentials.

Strategies for bolstering cloud security

A fundamental method to boost cloud security is ensuring only essential personnel have access to sensitive data. Cloud providers typically offer tools for precise control over user permissions. Implementing the ‘principle of least privilege’ is key, granting each user the minimum level of access necessary for their role.

This approach limits exposure to sensitive information and reduces potential unauthorised access. It’s also crucial to have clear policies for managing access as employees join, move within, or leave the organisation.

Advancing cloud security

Managing user accounts is a significant part of cloud security, but there are other aspects too. Our series has covered critical topics like multi-factor authentication, encryption, and CSPM monitoring. We’ll discuss more strategies in forthcoming articles, so keep an eye on our blog for more insights, or contact Perigon One for bespoke advice on IT security.