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From 2000 to 2021:
How Far We’ve Come

It’s amazing how far technology has travelled since the turn of the millennium. Just imagine going back in time and putting your smartphone – the one you have now – into the hands of your younger self. Compared to the cutting-edge mobile phones of the early 2000s – the Nokia 3310, the Sidekick, the Blackberry Pearl – it would seem a world apart.

Over 21 years, technology has transformed in ways we couldn’t have anticipated back then, and it’s had a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. Sometimes it’s a positive impact, but sometimes there are troubling aspects, too.

Always online

Mobile phones are addictive. We all complain sometimes about the way they’ve taken over our lives, making it impossible to switch off. But remember the old days, when waiting for an important email meant sitting at your computer until it came in? Carrying a smartphone means you no longer have to be tied to your desk – clients, friends and family can find you any time, anywhere.

Smartphones have changed our lives in other ways, too. There’s no need to ask for directions when you can look at Google or Apple Maps on your phone. And no need for CDs or even MP3s when you can listen to music on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.  

It’s not just our listening habits that have changed. YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV and other services mean we have a vast library of entertainment at our fingertips at all times. And there’s no need to haul books around when you can carry a whole digital library on Kindle. Some people prefer the feel (and smell) of a traditional paper book, but the convenience can’t be denied – and eBooks never go out of print.

Staying connected

Social media is another phenomenon that has revolutionised how we live and interact. Back in the year 2000, the only real social networking site in existence was (You could also rate complete strangers on Friendster wouldn’t come into existence until 2002, and MySpace appeared in 2003.

Whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or something else, social media is fundamental to our professional and personal networks. And it’s hard to imagine getting through the last year or so without that extra dimension of human contact. However, with our words and actions more publicly visible than ever before, social media has brought reputational and ethical questions with it, too.

Video calling platforms such as Skype, FaceTime and Zoom have also transformed our working life, especially in the age of remote working. The ease of meeting “in person” without the need to travel has a hugely positive impact, both on costs and on time management.

Whether you’re a technological early adopter or prefer to stick to what you know best, it can’t be denied that we all live in a very different world from that of 2000. At Perigon One, we’re always up to date with the latest developments. If you’d like to talk about how the newest technologies can benefit your business, just get in touch for a chat.