Bridging the trust gap between your employees and AI

You’ve likely been thinking about how to leverage AIs potential to enhance your company’s efficiency and productivity. However there seems to be an issue. A recent study uncovered a yet expected finding; a trust gap regarding AI in the workplace. While you view AI as an opportunity for business transformation your team members may have […]

AI Cocreator in Paint – Windows 11

Remember the old days of Microsoft Paint? It was a drawing tool that many of us used to create our pixelated masterpieces during our youth. While it may not be your go to app these days there’s actually a reason to give it another look. In Windows 11 Microsoft Paint is receiving an upgrade and […]

3 ways AI makes almost any business task easier

In the fast evolving world of technology, business owners and managers like you are always on the lookout for the next big thing to give them a competitive edge.  Have you considered how AI tools might be able to help?  ChatGPT – or Generative Pretrained Transformer, if you want to get technical – has been […]

Keep Your Focus with
Focus Assist

Once upon a time, anyone who wanted to interrupt us at work had to make an effort. They had to pick up the phone, knock on our door, send a carrier pigeon… but in our always-online age, we’re constantly being interrupted. Emails coming in, notifications popping up, files updating, voice calls ringing and instant messages […]

Alexa: Your Very
Own PA

If you’re one of the many Australians who’s adopted Alexa as a member of your household, you’ll know how useful she can be. Amazon’s virtual assistant can keep track of your dinner preparations, tell you the weather forecast and search the internet for you. She can play your favourite music whenever you want to hear […]

Deepfakes: What’s Real and
What’s Not?

Have you heard of deepfakes? Even if you haven’t, chances are that you’ve encountered at least one. Check out this list of well-known examples, and see how many you recognise.  Deepfake creators can use cutting-edge technology to create funny, satirical and/or subversive video content that entertains millions – and occasionally, changes the global conversation. The best-known videos […]