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AI Cocreator in Paint – Windows 11

Remember the old days of Microsoft Paint? It was a drawing tool that many of us used to create our pixelated masterpieces during our youth. While it may not be your go to app these days there’s actually a reason to give it another look.

In Windows 11 Microsoft Paint is receiving an upgrade and the secret ingredient is AI. The introduction of Dall E 3 support to Paint or Cocreator as its called within the app is the highlight.

Does that ring a bell?

If you’ve come across this feature in Bing AI you know it’s a game changer. This isn’t your average image creation feature. With Cocreator you can simply describe what you want. Specify an art style and voila! An image matching your description magically appears.

But here’s the thing—it’s not some gimmicky add on. When Cocreator first debuted with Bing Chat (now known as Copilot) people were scrambling to use its image generation capability.. Let me tell you the buzz, about how impressive it is? Well lets just say it has been quite substantial.
Course there have been a few minor issues along the way but when it comes to AI its normal to experience some bumps in the road.

According to a report from Windows Latest Cocreator in Paint has completed its testing phase. Is now ready for all Windows 11 users. Its currently being rolled out so if you don’t see the Cocreator feature yet don’t worry—it will arrive soon. Just make sure you’re using the version of Paint.. If Microsoft asks you to join a waiting list be sure to sign up.

The Cocreator feature isn’t the new addition to Paint. The app has undergone enhancements this year. We’re talking about a transparency effect, layers (a requested functionality) and even background removal. And these improvements aren’t limited to Paint—Microsofts core Windows 11 apps are also receiving updates.

Now you might be wondering, “That’s all fine and dandy but how does this benefit my business?”

Imagine being able to create customised graphics for presentations, reports or social media posts within seconds. Consider how time and money that could save.

With Cocreator at your disposal anyone, in your team can easily become a designer.
No need to invest in software or undergo extensive training; simply explain your requirements and let AI take care of the rest.

Excited to give this a try (it’s a way to kickstart the new year)? You should have Windows 11 installed if you want to give it a go. If theres anything we can assist you with whether its related to tech issues or anything else throughout this year feel free to reach out.