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Are You Still Running Your
Business From Your Office?

Cloud computing isn’t just useful for remote and hybrid working. It’s also a cost-effective and flexible solution that provides your business – and your data – with a much higher degree of protection compared to on-site infrastructure such as traditional server rooms.

You might think we’re asking about remote work – after all, it’s been the hot topic of the pandemic. But what we’re actually referring to is your infrastructure: the network, servers and systems that keep your business running day-to-day. Are your servers located physically in-house? Or have you followed the trend and migrated your infrastructure to the cloud?

It’s natural to be wary of change. But cloud-based computing isn’t just a fashionable flash in the pan. The reason so many businesses are embracing it – despite the work and upheaval involved – is that it’s a cost-effective, secure and flexible solution that provides your business with unparalleled protection. Not quite convinced yet? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

Major savings

Hopefully, your business will grow over time. That’s the definition of success! But success brings its own price if you have to keep upgrading your servers to keep up with your evolving needs. Buying new hardware, getting it installed, maintaining your existing infrastructure – it all adds up. And if you go through a lean patch, as every business does, you can find yourself lumbered with expensive equipment that you’re not even using.

With a cloud-based solution, growth is a lot easier to accommodate. Need more storage? Just add it on to your existing subscription. You can scale up – and down – as and when needed. The same goes for data. Because it’s so easy to tailor your data use to your actual requirements, you’ll never have to worry about having extra available “just in case” – another cost that can easily mount up over time.

Safe and secure

Your business’s most valuable asset is its data, and that data is under constant threat. The ongoing rise in cybercrime means it’s more and more challenging to keep your infrastructure safe from hackers. And those hackers are extremely inventive, constantly finding new ways to get past your defences. Even if you have an on-site IT team – and many businesses don’t – the only realistic option is round-the-clock monitoring. And who can afford that?

Subscribe to a cloud provider like Microsoft 365, however, and you’ll benefit from their own cutting-edge cybersecurity expertise – and that’s 24/7. Of course, you’ll still need your own IT support partner, not least to ensure that your team members don’t fall for common scams such as phishing. But you’ll automatically have a much higher degree of protection against data breaches and theft, and that’s worth a lot.

But the security benefits of cloud computing don’t stop there. Because your business’s data is stored on your provider’s servers rather than in your company’s server room, it won’t be affected if disaster strikes your office. Whether it’s a break-in, fire or flood, you can be assured that your valuable data is safe.

Moving your business to the cloud can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but we think the benefits are more than worth the trouble. And a reliable, expert IT support partner – like Perigon One – can make it all so much easier. If you’re interested in finding out how we can help, just get in touch for your free 15-minute consult.