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Are You Paying Enough
for IT Support?

When you’re choosing an IT support partner, of course you want to keep your expenses manageable. But cutting too many corners can end up costing your business heavily. Real value for money means a strategic, proactive approach to cybersecurity – and that’s never the cheapest option.

Do you pay your IT support partner enough? Yes, you read right. While it’s tempting to cut costs and keep your overheads down, it’s also true that you get what you pay for. And if you end up dealing with an emergency – like a ransomware attack – the last thing you want is bargain-basement tech support.

It’s not that all affordable tech support is bad. You’ll still find a few cheap and cheerful operations run by gifted technicians just striking out on their own. That’s how Perigon One began! But the hard truth is that there’s no barrier to setting up an IT company. Anyone can go into business and offer their services at a price that’s just too good to be true. And many of those new starters have one major problem.

They don’t really understand what IT support is about

There’s a traditional view of IT support that went out of date around fifteen years ago. In this view, the job of a support technician is to fix computers when they break. That’s it. There are lots of people who still believe in this model. They tend to offer lower prices because they underestimate the time and work it takes to keep your IT infrastructure secure and efficient.

Today, the only way to provide effective tech support is to think proactively. With cyberattack a constant threat, and hackers getting smarter every day, a really great IT support partner won’t sit around waiting for a problem to appear. They’ll think strategically and work hard to keep your business safe. In other words, you know your IT support is really working for you when there are no major issues to address. And that leads to another problem when it comes to smaller, newer, cheaper operations.

They’re seriously under-resourced

A few years ago, it was possible to start a business on a wing and a prayer. Fix a few problems for a few grateful clients, and word of mouth did the rest. This was great, because you could grow your business gradually during that precarious start-up phase. 

That’s just about manageable if you take the old-school, reactive approach to IT support. But, as we’ve seen, that approach doesn’t work anymore. Proactive IT support requires staying ahead of the cybercriminals, and that means investing in new tools, new training and 360-degree monitoring. Your support team needs to be installing updates and keeping your staff informed of the latest risks and best practices. They need to be watching your systems like a hawk for any sign that your security could be – or has been – compromised. 

This doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose to keep your business safe. At Perigon One, we offer flat-rate, budget-friendly IT support packages that will provide everything you need – no add-ons, no unexpected costs. But are we the cheapest choice on the market? Of course not! If you’d like to find out about what we can do for you (and how much it costs), just get in touch.