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A Few Computer

However big or small your business, there are a few basic computer issues that come up over and over again. We hear about these glitches every day at Perigon One, and the fix is often straightforward. For instance, the ‘turn it off and on again’ solution may seem daft, but it very often works. In many cases, though, you’ll need professional help to troubleshoot the problem, and we’re always happy to help.

Why is my keyboard making odd noises and not typing properly?

It might be that you’ve accidentally enabled Filter and/or Toggle keys in your Windows settings. To solve the problem, select Ease of Access in your Control Panel settings, and click on the box for Change how your keyboard works. In this setting you’ll be able to clear the boxes that are checked for Filter and Toggle keys.

Why does my browser keep disconnecting?

If you’re using WiFi and you can see from your router that it’s definitely available, it might be that the network card in your computer isn’t drawing full power. Go to Power Options in your Control Panel and choose Advanced Settings. Click on the Wireless Adapter Settings option, and then choose Expand Power Saving Mode. If you change the setting to Maximum power mode, this should solve the problem.

Why is my screen blank?

We’re sure you’ve already checked that your monitor is plugged in and the power is on, so you might possibly have a faulty power cable. If you have another cable that you know is definitely working on another machine, try using that. If the screen still remains obstinately blank, try hooking your monitor up to a different PC. If you still don’t get a result, the problem must be the monitor itself, and you might need to get IT support to check it out. If the screen fires up on another PC, then your problem is likely to be the graphics card on your computer. Again, you’ll need tech help to investigate.

Why did my screen suddenly turn blue and stall?

Sometimes called “the blue screen of death,” this usually indicates a critical hardware failure or a driver problem. The simple solution is to reboot your device and start over. Hold the power button down for about 10 seconds and the device will shut down. Press the button again and the device should start up again normally. If it doesn’t, you might try unplugging the device completely before trying another reboot. If you experience the problem repeatedly, this may indicate that you’ve picked up some malware.

Why won’t my computer recognise the USB device I plugged in?

It may be that you’ve got a dodgy USB port. Try plugging the device into a different port and see if it makes a difference. If it still doesn’t show up on the computer, you might plug in a different USB device to the available ports. If your computer recognises the new device, it probably means your original USB device is faulty or broken. If the new device also doesn’t work, try again after unplugging the system completely and rebooting it. If you don’t get results, you should seek IT support to find out what’s wrong.
If you need assistance with computer and IT issues for your business, Perigon One is happy to help. We operate as the IT partner for many businesses, so contact our friendly team if you’d like more information.