Bridging the trust gap between your employees and AI

You’ve likely been thinking about how to leverage AIs potential to enhance your company’s efficiency and productivity. However there seems to be an issue. A recent study uncovered a yet expected finding; a trust gap regarding AI in the workplace. While you view AI as an opportunity for business transformation your team members may have […]

Think your business is safe, from cyberattacks? Think again.

You may believe that only large companies or those with assets are targeted by cybercriminals. All that’s where the real money is, right? But think again. Recent reports have revealed that cybercriminals are expanding their scope and targeting businesses of all sizes from shops to global enterprises.. They’re doing it using a tool called “botnets.” […]

This new search feature in Edge is a revolution

Microsoft is again rolling out new features regularly keeping us on our toes. This time they are focusing on enhancing the search experience in the Edge browser to make it smarter and more efficient. If you’ve been hesitant about making the switch this update might just sway your decision. One of Edges highlights as shared […]

Here’s what’s in store for the last ever Windows ‘Moments’ update

Microsoft is gearing up to launch the update for Windows 11 dubbed as “Moment 5” or the “February 24 Moment.” This upcoming update is set to roll out in the coming weeks. It brings along some significant changes worth noting. Before we delve into the details lets address a point; Following this update Microsoft is […]

Microsoft wants you to pay for updates

Microsoft recently announced that starting from October 14 2025 they will no longer offer support and security updates for Windows 10. The prospect of having to pay for updates may raise some questions. Lets consider the bigger picture here. By 2025 Windows 10 will be a decade old. Its likely that Microsoft will have rolled […]

Are you ready for next-gen email security? (YES!)

Google has introduced a tool called RETVec to enhance the security and cleanliness of your Gmail inbox by combating spam effectively. So what is RETVec? Lets simplify it. RETVec stands for Resilient and Efficient Text Vectorizer, which essentially helps Gmail identify and filter out spam emails that attempt to infiltrate your inbox. It’s interesting to […]

You’re not imagining it, video calls ARE stressful

You know that feeling when you’ve spent way too much time in virtual meetings, and you’d trade your favorite coffee mug for some real face-to-face interaction? That’s called Zoom fatigue. It turns out there’s scientific evidence to back up what we’ve all been feeling. Recently, researchers from Austrian universities decided to take a closer look […]

AI Cocreator in Paint – Windows 11

Remember the old days of Microsoft Paint? It was a drawing tool that many of us used to create our pixelated masterpieces during our youth. While it may not be your go to app these days there’s actually a reason to give it another look. In Windows 11 Microsoft Paint is receiving an upgrade and […]

Unlocking Business Potential with Digital Transformation: Mastering Resource Management

In the evolving landscape of business, managing an ever-expanding arsenal of digital resources can be a daunting challenge. Thankfully, the path to simplification lies in digital transformation, a journey that can streamline your operations. If you’re pondering whether to embark on the digital transformation journey, the decision is undeniably yours. What we can offer, though, […]

Combating the Digital Menace of Computer Worms: A Guide for Businesses

Combating the Digital Menace of Computer Worms: A Guide for Businesses In the digital garden of your business’s network, worms are the last guests you’d want. Unlike their soil-dwelling namesakes, computer worms are a nuisance, creating chaos in the otherwise healthy digital environment of your enterprise. Let’s explore these pesky digital worms and how you […]