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Think your business is safe, from cyberattacks? Think again.

You may believe that only large companies or those with assets are targeted by cybercriminals. All that’s where the real money is, right?

But think again.

Recent reports have revealed that cybercriminals are expanding their scope and targeting businesses of all sizes from shops to global enterprises.. They’re doing it using a tool called “botnets.”

You’ve probably heard about the rise of botnets. May be wondering, “What exactly is a botnet and why should I be concerned?” Botnets serve as the weapons of cybercriminals. They consist of networks of compromised devices under the control of a operator – anything from your computer to even your smart refrigerator can become part of these cyber weapons.

A new report has identified spikes in botnet activity with over a million devices engaged in activities at one point. To put it into perspective this level of activity exceeds botnet levels by a hundredfold.

Typically researchers have observed around 10,000 devices engaging in behavior each day with 20,000 being the number recorded prior, to these recent findings.
Things took a turn in December 2023. The number skyrocketed to 35,144 and two weeks later it soared higher to 43,194. That’s quite a number of compromised devices.

And it didn’t end there; the researchers witnessed the spike yet reaching an astonishing count of 143,957 distinct devices being utilized simultaneously. In fact on January 5th and 6th there were spikes exceeding a million devices!

Why would they engage in activities? These botnets are deployed for scanning the internet with the intention of identifying vulnerabilities, in websites, servers and even email systems.

Imagine the internet as a fortress with doors and windows. These cyber criminals are actively seeking doors. Open windows to sneak through. They primarily focus on ports” that act as entry points.

So how can you safeguard yourself against these cyber threats?

It all comes down to fortifying those doors and windows. Here are a few simple steps you can take;

  • Ensure your software, operating systems and applications are always up, to date. Regular updates often rectify vulnerabilities.
    Make sure to install a firewall and antivirus software on your devices to ensure their protection.
  • Educate your employees about the practices of cybersecurity such, as being cautious when dealing with links and emails.
  • It is important to enforce unique passwords for all your accounts and devices.
  • Regularly backing up your data is crucial to avoid any loss in case of a cyber attack.
  • Stay vigilant. Monitor your network for any suspicious activities.

If you want to enhance the security measures of your business it might be worth considering hiring a cyber security expert (thats us) who can assess and improve your security setup.

If you’re interested, in protecting your business feel free to reach out to us.